Manufacturing & Industrial Metal Buildings

All Steel Building Company understands manufacturing facilities because we’ve built quite a few over the years. When deciding to build a new manufacturing facility, you need a team that listens and understands your unique operational needs and All Steel Building Company excels in this area. Considering height and clearance requirements, integration of cranes, dock spacing, flexibility of layout and workflow and many other functional considerations, our professional design team can provide an economical building solution that meets your exact requirements.

Many of today’s industrial metal buildings house manufacturing or fabrication processes that require the lifting and moving of heavy and large materials. Overhead cranes or other material handling systems often must be integrated into the building design. All Steel Building Company, together with the engineering team at Nucor Building Systems, can reduce or eliminate the need for independent crane columns by designing the building to handle the loads imposed by a crane system. The elimination of the redundant crane structure results in additional usable space and substantial savings for the customer.

By choosing All Steel Building Company to design and build your new manufacturing facility, or add onto your existing one, you can be assured that the end result will be an attractive, affordable industrial metal building facility that serves your function and performs consistently and profitably year after year.

Manufacturing and Industrial Metal Buildings

Manufacturing & Industrial Metal Buildings Examples

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