Sand Springs, OK
Upon receiving a contract to produce axle housings for a General Motors truck line, WEBCO Industries Inc. decided to expand their existing Star Center Tube manufacturing plant by 110,000 square feet to accommodate the new equipment and production schedules required to meet their commitments. Through a careful contractor selection process based primarily upon ability to meet schedule and budget requirements, as well as handle all of the Design/Build aspects of the project, All Steel Building Company was awarded the contract. Working diligently with the Webco Building Committee, design was completed in 120 days and the overall project achieved substantial completion in just under 10 months, in time for the Owner to start installing their equipment in March of 2017. The new facility required over 450 tons of steel, nearly 4,000 cubic yards of concrete, multiple crane-ways, a concrete safe room and new production area offices.

WEBCO Industries also expanded their administrative area at Star Center by 10,000 square feet and put 100,000 square feet of new roof on their Southwest Tube manufacturing plant, adding that work to All Steel Building Company’s contract as well.

Throughout the design and construction, All Steel Building Company has provided Webco Industries with careful analysis on all constructability aspects of their projects, while at the same time moving the procurement process forward ensuring we would meet any critical deadlines, therefore ensuring the successful delivery of the projects for the entire team.


Owasso, OK
Coulter & Company recently celebrated the milestone of having been awarded over 5,000 projects during their company history. They knew they had to expand their corporate office building and remodel existing offices to make room for new staff that would be required. Having previously delivered several successful projects for this customer, All Steel Building Company was again called upon to assist in the Design/Build process without disrupting their business operation. The work would also initially include a critical change over in electrical service utility as the company had outgrown the existing service.

The customer also requested a couple of unique requirements for the steel structure. First, one wall was to be left completely open to allow for a curtainwall. Second, the open ceiling nature of the design would need to reveal to visitors the customer’s company color of orange! Left with no easy way to brace the structure on the one side, All Steel Building Company had to work closely with the engineering team at Nucor Building Systems to design an internal bracing system that could be covered by finishes while providing maximum support to the structure. And since the cost of set up at the manufacturer to paint the structure was prohibitive, and being too risky to paint the erected steel in place, All Steel Building Company decided to partner with a local company that owns a large paint booth. We received and painted the entire structure at their location and then transported the structure to the jobsite.

With these challenges addressed, the results of both of design requirements are making for an exciting contemporary look for the project, which will also showcase Coulter & Company’s product lines. The project is scheduled for completion by June of 2017.

CDCLarue, INC.

Tulsa, OK
As their business sales took off, CDCLarue, Inc. found itself quickly running out of space within their existing production facility and in need of expansion ideas. As a result, All Steel Building Company was contacted. After exploring several concepts with the customer, All Steel Building Company was awarded a contract to Design and Build a new 18,000 square foot production facility in Creek County, just south of Tulsa. The new facility will feature a large production area with lots of glass to allow natural light into the space, a sound restricted test area for their products, new offices, oven and paint booth building, inventory storage and shipping/receiving area.

The concept also includes a cantilevered front corner connected into an eight-foot-wide canopy to create a unique appearance for the front entrance to the facility. The project is currently in the design stage with construction slated to start in May and a completion date of October 31, 2017. All Steel Building Company is excited and proud to be associated with another successful business and, as always, will give our very best in professional construction services!


Owasso, OK
​When Ash Grove Cement Company decided to expand their rail transfer facility in Owasso Oklahoma, PENTA Industrial Corp. of St. Louis was awarded a Design/Build contract to provide engineering and construction management services for the project. Needing an experienced and local Design/Build company to provide custom pre-engineered metal building solutions to the complex project, All Steel Building Company found itself getting the call and the contract! The project required a production schedule commitment from the building manufacturer, while at the same time requiring a critical review process since many of the components attaching to or passing through the buildings, were being fabricated in other locations around the country. In addition, portions of the buildings were to be constructed over a live and fully operational rail system which required careful safety and logistical planning with the rail carrier. All Steel Building Company rose to the occasion and delivered our portions of the project on time, on budget and with no safety issues.

The overall project finished on time and on budget and was completed in 2015. The All Steel Building Company team is always excited to showcase our industrial construction capabilities and proud to be associated with PENTA Industrial Corp. and another successful project!


Catoosa, OK
All Steel Building Company was awarded a contract to provide Design/Build construction services to construct infrastructure and new warehouse/office lease buildings for repeat customer 2MD Holdings, LLC in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Located near the Port of Catoosa and across from the new Catoosa Hills Shopping Center and Cherokee Hard Rock Casino & Hotel, the project will consist of six buildings totaling 57,000 square feet. Construction has begun on the first building, which is anticipated to be completed and ready for lease by July of 2017. Each building consists of 8,000 square feet of warehouse and 1,500 square feet of office space. The buildings have been strategically designed to allow them to be spilt to accommodate two tenants, giving the customer increased flexibility during the lease up process.

With a phased construction schedule requiring completion by the end of 2018, All Steel Building Company had to carefully create a plan that would allow for 2MD’s new tenants to not be disturbed by the ongoing construction process, while at the same time complying with critical infrastructure needs and building code requirements. With All Steel Building Company’s proven track record of building while not affecting existing business operations, the project is sure to be another in its portfolio of successful project deliveries! 


Catoosa, OK
Continuing onward in the pursuit of excellence, All Steel Building Company was awarded another contract for repeat customer WAM, LLC of Catoosa, Oklahoma. The 24,000 square foot, $1 million warehouse facility will house material stock for AvDuct Worldwide and be the Tulsa branch home to secure document destruction firm Shred-it. The project is the third in as many years between All Steel Building Company and WAM, LLC and is a solid testament to our goal of consistently providing competitive pricing, quality construction, and professional service.


Durant, OK
​The team of Delta Fabrication & Machinery, Inc., All Steel Building Company and Nucor Building Systems were awarded a contract to furnish and erect the custom fabricated and PEMB steel for Commercial Metals Company’s new $250 million high-tech micro mill in Durant, Oklahoma. With a steel tonnage of over 3,000 tons, deliveries will start within 60 days and erection for All Steel Building Company’s part is scheduled for start in June of 2016 and wrapped up by February of 2017. The team will provide the latest in BIM technology to assist the client with other critical aspects of the project, such as cranes and MP&E as well. All Steel Building Company is proud to be part of such a dynamic and experienced team of experts and looks forward to a highly successful project.


Goldsmith, TX
Having just completed the new pre-engineered metal building for the ConocoPhillips field office expansion in Dickinson, North Dakota, All Steel Building Company was honored with the award of another ConocoPhillips project, the furnishing and erecting of their new field office in Goldsmith, Texas. Weighing in at nearly 140 tons, the highly customized 30,000 sf pre-engineered metal building required nearly 1,000 hours of engineering by manufacturer Nucor Building Systems.

Custom configurations of the building along with multiple roof slopes and hip conditions make the building very unique and required careful planning and coordination with architectural firm Ambler Architects and General Contractor Onyx Contractors, Inc. The project was completed in August of 2016. 


Tulsa, OK
The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is building a new, state of the art multi-regional training facility for its employees and other law enforcement agencies at 6094 E. 66th St. North in Tulsa, OK. The 26,000 sf facility will also house the 911 dispatch for Tulsa County first responders.

Through a strategic pre-qualification process for contractors, All Steel Building Company was awarded the construction of the building. The building will house a 45-bed bunkhouse, kitchen, offices, classrooms and a gymnasium for defensive tactical training and physical education training.

All Steel Building Company completed the shell building portion in October of 2015.


Tulsa, OK
All Steel Building Company was contacted by the Tulsa Christian Education Corporation and Beck Design group to assist in overcoming budget challenges to develop a new indoor practice facility for the Metro Christian Academy.

Through strategic use of our expertise in pre-engineered metal buildings, All Steel Building Company was awarded the 12,000  sf project and delivered it to the Owner in August of 2015 at a cost of only $55.00 per sf...just in time for the school’s fall football season!

​On September 30, 2015, All Steel Building Company Vice President, James Barnes and Project Manager Imelda Supit presented the Metro Christian Academy management with an Excellence In Leadership award for their diligence and determination in making decisions and guiding the project to its completion. Congratulations to the MCA team for a job well done!


Broken Arrow, OK
​USG Corporation hired All Steel Building Company to complete a fire restoration of their existing L&W Supply (Building Specialties) outlet in Broken Arrow. The work included demolition of the structurally damaged 16,000 sf metal building structure, replacement of key structural elements and a re-design and build out of 4,000 sf of new retail sales and office space. An additional 14,300 sf of new warehouse was added to the facility. The project was completed in June 2015. 


Oklahoma City, OK
All Steel Building Company was selected by Construction Manager Titus Construction of Oklahoma City to erect this 45,000 sf Indoor Soccer Arena. All Steel Building Company's scope of work included the erection of the steel, furnishing and installing the Skyliner Insulation System and installation of the insulated metal panels. All Steel Building Company's scope of work for the project was completed in February of 2015. 


Oklahoma City, OK
​Gray Construction, a USA Top 10 Design/Build Contractor was retained by Hunt Brothers Pizza to begin their national expansion of TBHC Delivers refrigerated distribution facilities and hired All Steel Building Company to furnish and erect their Oklahoma City pre-engineered metal building.

Hunt Brothers Pizza is the nation’s largest independent brand of fresh baked pizza in the convenience store market. All Steel Building Company was once again proud to be selected for our expertise and attention to detail by these leading national corporations. The project was completed in September 2015.